Travel and venue

The conference will be held in the Centre de Transfert, Amphitheater COLCOMBET, of the  Université de Technologie de Compiègne, located 66 Avenue de Landshut, 60200 Compiègne. This center is situated 3km from the city center. You can find here a map of Compiègne and the main sites of the UTC :

UTC access map

Google access map

Public buses are free of charge in Compiègne. Several lines are serving the conference location from the city center. You can find here a general map of the buses lines and below the corresponding timetables. The stop is, depending on the line, Centre de Recherches or Guy Denielou. The trip takes between 15mn to 30mn from the railway station depending on the line. The quickest is to take the Line 5.

Click here to access to the map of the bus lines

Click here to access to the timetable of the line five

See here for other lines timetable

You can also contact a taxi in Compiègne:

Allo Gilles Taxi Compiègne
Phone: (33)